What do Men really want?

What do Men really want in a Woman? The long age old question that baffles Males through out history. Some times we want our woman to be a bitch and other times a saint. Can we have it both ways? I think We can. Women want a man that is interesting and funny. Have a sense of humor and show her love and she is yours. Women need to respect their men and treat them as the head of their family. Sure lady’s you may be smarter then your man and able to make better choices for your family, But at least involve him and ask for his input to the item in question and come to an agreement before moving forward. Never talk down to him or disrespect him in front of your children or others. You will lose his trust quickly and it will be a long haul trying to gain it back. Men want their women to stay in shape for their age, We understand that you will not have the same body as in your younger days as well as We men will not. Put some effort to look attractive for your man as well as your self. Dorthy, their is no reason to let your ass get to the size of Kansas, I know, I just want to go home, I just want to go home. Shut up Errol you say. I’m just saying the truth. Dude’s your gut should not be the size of the Houston Astro dome. Ladies if your man is attracted to you the romance will be better as well as your whole relationship with your man, plus you will get your way with him much more often. We men are visual creatures and if you are looking good to your man it goes a long ways Ms. Jones. On the other side women can have a knock out figure and have a black heart, and that is worse trust me. We men want our women to be Saints when we are in the public and bitches in the bedroom. Look your best when you and your man are with others and never flirt with other men through words or catching his eyes , We guys notice these things as You lady’s do as well. On the other hand don’t be milk toast to your Man, If you do not agree with his decisions or his life style choices speak up and talk things out, We don’t like wimps. If your Guy does like you to be wimpy he has control issues and You may want to take a second look and exit stage left if he will not change. Do not be a push over to your Man and even be a little bitchy when you need be. The bitchiness adds some spice in the bedroom, Hard for us guys to explain but trust me it does. If you don’t have one or ether of these traits then work on them as practice makes perfect. And always remember lady’s when things get rough or are not going your way to
Suck it up Crybaby
Errol Flynn

Welcome to Andy’s world

There are hard times in this country for millions of people.  Lost jobs, foreclosed homes, bankruptcy’s.  Many family’s are broken over this financial mess that has besieged this country.  Unemployment is climbing  back up  and no jobs are being created. Many have exhausted their unemployment benefits with no source of income.  Here is a man  named Andy that I met  who looks at life with a positive out look.  He is a man of little means.


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Suck it up Crybaby

You have to live life like your dying

American Idol winner Kris Allen has a song out that say’s so much, it is called live life like you are dying.  He is right, Go out and do good and what you always wanted to do.

What are we waiting for?  There so much life to live out there, things to do, place to visit, family and friends to ask for forgiveness, reconcile differences.

Time is too short.  Classes to take, languages to learn, places and things to see.

Men or women that you want to ask out but to intimidated to talk to, Why?  Just do it, there is 86,400 seconds in a day do not let the time slip away.   You really have to live life like you are dying.  Do not let fear take that time away from you.   Do what you really want to do.  Take your family on a trip and love the ones that you are with.   People help those that have not and need help and love them.   Give your time and resources to help your fellow man. Remember  to live life like your dying.   What would you do if you had 2 months to live?  I’m going to sing karaoke this Thursday night.   Why not.   I am running out of time,  I will not have second life on this earth like Frankenstein.   Love is what we are born with and fear is what we learn once we are here.   Embrace those around you.  Live, Love and laugh often. Live life like Your dying.

Suck it Up Crybaby

John The Baptist

Parents, Your grown children are not Your Spouse!

Marriage is a covenant between Husband and Wife; I don’t believe that there was anything that said the Father or Mother could override the covenant.
I have come across story after story of grown adult friends who have one thing in common, a mother or father-in-law that has a substitute spouse relationship with their daughter or son. The parent’s relationship has soured and they cling to their child for their emotional needs. Some have groomed their child since they were young to be subservient to their emotional needs. This is very destructive to the child’s relationship with their spouse. The daughter will cling to the father and comfort him and sympathize with him as he complains about his relationship with her mother. This will bring resentment between the mother and daughter as the daughter is upset for the things that the mother has allegedly done to the father, the mother upset for the daughter taking her place emotionally for the father.
The son-in-law is left wondering where his wife is for him as he sees her jump for the whims and needs of her father. She will take days to complete something her husband has asked her to do but she will not hesitate to type up paper work for her father’s business. In a church or social setting she will sit next to her father and interact with him with little time for her spouse. The mother is non-existent in the scene as she usually is quiet and withdrawn.
The Mother and Son relationship is where the mother is in control of her marriage and the husband is submissive to her and accepts or is content with the mother-son relationship as he wants to do his own thing and not be involved with household decisions. If the mother moves to another city the son will usually follow as he can’t function without her guidance and she will help him to be near her.
There are signs of these problems before the marriage but the young couple is in love and the parent has backed off as the relationship develops. Once the honeymoon stage has “worn” off the parent steps in to claim their territory. When the child and parent are together it is as if the other spouses are nonexistent. The parent child relationship has back door deals and projects that exclude the other spouses such as investments, business deals, trips, cruises, etc…
Parents, please bless your children when they become adults and let them be independent from you as they need to be self-sufficient to compete in the world and you will not always be there for them as you will die someday.
In their marriage let them bond with each other and remain dependent on themselves. Help advise them when they ask, but don’t bail them out of bad decisions as they have to feel the pain in order to not repeat those same mistakes. This is all for your own selfish reasons and not your child’s or your spouse’s. Fix your own relationship and stay out of your child’s. I know that some of you are in denial but look at your relationship and step back if this is you. Your child will thank you, as may your spouse.
Suck it up Crybaby
John the Baptist