The Red coats are coming The Red Coats are coming.

Fear not citizens of the USA. Even though Obama’s Health Care bill passed on a Sunday evening, the battle has just begun. It is not a battle just for health care it is a battle of the constitution and states’ rights.  The federal government has no right to require any citizen to purchase anything in this country with the threat of penalty. You may say you need a driver’s license to drive, yes you do, but if you choose not to drive you have no need for a driver’s license. The bank requires you to have mortgage insurance to buy a house.  Again it is your choice not to own a house.  This health care bill gives you no choice. The administration is hiring 17,000. new IRS agents to check to see if you have health insurance and if you do not you will be hit with a hard financial penalty or jail.  The IRS will also for the first time have access to your medical records.  Invasion of privacy? dam right it is.

This is not about health care this is about power and control. They will control 1/6thof the economy.  Nancy Belagosi Pelosi states that it will save a trillion dollars over the second decade. This is just more smoke and mirrors.  The government saves nothing but they consume and grow. They are like dry rot; it eats and eats until there is no wood left.  The arrogance of this group is unprecedented in the history of our country. Sixty percent of the people are against this bill, Obama says they know better then You do.  The 2010 mid terms are around the corner and it will be payback time.    Bart Stupak the Anti Abortion congressman folded to the false promise of an executive order by Obama to stop all public funded abortion.  Any bill passed by the congress supersedes any executive order.  Another generation of the unborn will be murdered.  Thank  you congressman Stupak

Thirty seven states who’s Attorney Generals are filing law suits to stop this invasion of our constitutional rights. The first state to file suit will be the great state of South  Carolina. This is ironic that it was South Carolina that fired the first shot of the Civil War Which was a war of states rights. The American center for Law and Justice headed by Jay Sekulow and Mark Levin’s Landmark legal association will be filing suit as well.  This will but an injunction to stop the bill from being implemented until it is settled in the courts. They will need money help with these court cost so please send contributions to these two organizations. You can find them in your search engines.

The next big plan that Obama plans on pushing through is amnesty for all the 20 million illegal immigrants.  This will be a new voting base for Obama in the 2012 election.

Florida Congressman Alcee Hasting says it all here how Obama’s  gang does it’s businness of running your country.

The foundation of your country was founded on truth; the truth has been broken by this group of Congressmen and Senators. They are not here to serve but here to rule. The Congress will not have the same health care that they are imposing on us. They will have their own Cadillac healthcare.  This is how Royalty lives.  I believe 235 years ago we fought a war against the tyranny of a British King.

Suck It Up Crybaby

John the Baptist

Obama’s Chicago Thuggery

Obama’s thugs are out twisting arms, creating back door deals and promising government jobs to congress people who may choose not to run or will lose their seats in  the 2010 midterm elections. This is politics at its worse. The transparency that Obama promised is a big lie like everything else that he promised. Nancy Beligosi Pelosi is threatening to remove congress people from prominate committee positions to low positions such as the Postal committee.

They are dancing with glee that the CBO numbers came in under one trillion dollars. 940 billion to be exact. These are preliminary numbers that will change. Obama states that the health care will save 140 billion dollars over the next ten years. You all know that the government never saves money and the true cost will be 3-6 times the estimated cost. Medicare is in trouble as well as Social security which are unfunded and true debt for these two government run systems is 100 Trillion dollars.  We cannot afford Obama’s healthcare. The United States is broke. There is no more money to spend. You cannot keep printing money; the dollar will be devalued and worthless. Check your history books for Germany’s Weimar Republic where to by a loaf of bread you had to have a wheel barrel full of German marks as it was worthless.

 Obama just passed another jobs bill costing you all 18 Billion more dollars. The Trillion dollar stimulus bill did nothing to create jobs. Oh by the way if the heath care passes the Federal Government will authorize the IRS to hire 12,000. New agents to make sure that you have government run health care as well as all employers. If they find that you or your employer does not have or offer they will hit you with a huge penalty or throw you in jail. Obama can create new jobs. Too bad the private sector has not benefited from any of his programs.

This is what the heath care offers. You need to understand, do research and you will understand what they are doing to you. You will not be able to just call your doctor and go about your usual visits and pick up your prescriptions. The services will be rationed as the money will not be there the pay for the programs. Ouch! It will hurt you and your country like nothing you have ever experienced. Your safe little world will be rocked. Pull your ostrich head out of the hole and do something.

Call your Congress person and tell them to vote no. It will be the best thing you have done for you, your children and their children. If you do nothing, don’t say I didn’t warn you! So all I can say at that point is

Suck It Up Crybaby    

John the Baptist 

God Bless America

This is still a great nation, despite some in power that think we should be equal if not lower than some of the third world nations.  America will over come those who want to diminish the image of  the most charitable  country ever.  No One man can bring  America down.  Freedom will overcome tyranny.  Americans Love freedom.  It is in our blood.  We love the winner and to win.  We will be second to none.   The people will and are standing up to the corruption in Washington and their states.  Bad Politicians are resigning left and right. You must not stand for the evil but fight for the good.  The Light penetrates through all darkness.  With out the Light there is no shadow of darkness.

Kate Smith whom Frank Sinatra considered the greatest singer of his age sang this famous Irving Berlin song.This clip is from the 1941 Movie You are in the Army now.  You will recognize some familiar faces.

Suck it up Crybaby

Women of America, Wake Up! They are attacking Your rights!

Do you find yourself shaking your head as you hear news anchors and pundits make vicious jabs about Sarah Palin? This woman has been very successful in career and family.  She started her political life as a mayor of a small town in Alaska and went on to defeat an incumbent Republican Governor of the same state running against the establishment. John McCain picked her as his running mate and she was the bright spot in his failed run for President.


Susan B. Anthony

“I know nothing but woman and her disfranchised.”

Sarah Palin’s family consist of her husband Todd and four children, the youngest being Trig who has Down syndrome. Sarah and her husband new that Trig had Down syndrome and went thought with the birth,   this infuriates some on the left as it goes against their view of children as commodities to keep or toss away at a whim. 

Recently Sarah spoke at the first Tea party convention and awed the audience with her common sense approach to what is the role of Government.  She is going against the current administrations theory that the Government should control all aspects of your life. She spoke from notes on the podium and not a teleprompter.  After her speech she was interviewed and had crib notes on her hand on three subjects.

The CSNBC crew and the ladies from the T V show the View went nuts over this as if only a moron would do this.  Joy Behar and Eve Ensler recently questioned her intelligence.  Just listen to Joy and Eve talk and you get the point. The President had to use a teleprompter last week to talk to a group of 20 children in their classroom.  Sarah so threatens the President that Obama’s press secretary had to make fun of her at his latest press conference and had crib notes written on his hand.  Of all people to make fun of someone, Robert Gibbs has made a fool of himself on a continual basis. Just listen to his press conferences.

Where are the woman’s groups to defend the attacks on this woman as David Letterman is obsessed with defiling her with his mean spirited jokes.  David Letterman should be at odds with woman groups as he was sleeping with his subordinates whom will soon be in the news as the trail of his alleged black mailer will be exposed. I think Letterman has a problem with woman that he can’t control or dominate.

 The silence of the NOW group exposes them for who they aren’t. They have their own selfish agenda and it is not defending women.

The attacks on Sarah Palin are an attack on all you decent upstanding women in this country, who love God, country and family.

You can ask people what they don’t like about Governor Palin.  They do not have an answer or it is a staple response they heard from one of her critics.  Her critics say she does not have enough experience?  All her experience has been  on the executive level.

Sarah Palin was in charge of the Alaska National Guard; she was the mayor of  Wasilla Alaska and last was the Governor of the energy rich state of Alaska.  She excelled all three positions.  President  Obama has no experience at running anything short of his  teleprompter messages and we can see were that has lead this country.

They are attacking your common sense, your right to have a husband and children.  Your right as a woman to be outspoken, intelligent and beautiful.  You’re right to hold a high position in politics.

Please people, you must come to terms that this is not just about Sarah Palin, it is an attack on the values and foundations that this country was built on.  Attacking Sarah Palin is tearing down what this country stands for, Freedom for a woman to work hard and be successful, your faithful marriage, to love and cherish your children even if they are not perfect, as none of us are and to have inner strength to persevere through all the malice things the malcontents throw at you.            

Please if have not heard Sarah Palin’s message put away the negativity of the malcontents and open an ear and listen as it is a positive one of hope , faith and Love.

Suck it up CrybabyPalin addresses Tea Party

John the Baptist