Hey Mama’s boys, Your Mama’s not here.

There are way to many Mama’s boys in this country. We are running short on real men.
Mother’s boy, also mummy’s boy or mama’s boy, is a term for a man who is excessively attached to his mother at an age when men are expected to be independent (e.g. live on their own, be economically independent). A mother’s boy may be effete or effeminate, or might be perceived as being macho, or might have a personality disorder, such as avoidant personality disorder, or might be schizophrenic, so that the mother acts as a caretaker. In any case, a mother’s boy cannot maintain a healthy partnership with a woman (Carruthers, 1998).
Being mother-bonded is sometimes seen as a sign of weakness, and has a social stigma attached to it in many places, although in other places it may be more acceptable or perceived as normal. A mother-bonded man is seen to give control of his own life to his mother, in exchange for a sense of security. If the mother has more than one son, then she will have, at the most, one mother’s boy, usually the eldest or youngest son. The relationship between mother and mother’s boy is thought to be “symbiotic”: the mother enjoys controlling her mother’s boy.
Alternatively, in recent years, some have begun using the term in a milder sense, merely meaning a man who is emotionally attached to his mother. Though this sense of the phrase is still uncommon compared to the original pejorative intent, mothers in particular may state their pride in their “mama’s boy” sons. It is also occasionally used to describe an infant or toddler son who is unusually attached to his mother, even crying or resisting when the father attempts to care for him. In this sense, the ‘mama’s boy’ designation carries little stigma, but is simply an observation of the young child’s primary attachment.
Another definition of Mama’s boys is men who need to man up and get involved with the political activities of their country, state and local government.  These are men in ages ranging from 25-50 years old. They go through life expecting others to handle these important matter that will affect their children’s futures and their own. They have no idea how to get involved or to accomplish things as their mother has always been their for them to show them or do it for them.
Have you ever been around a grown man that could make a mess eating and just look at it and walk away. Mama used to clean it up for them.  As these men get married they expect their spouse to be the stand in Mommy for them. Clean up and pick up after them.  Most of these man/boys could not tell you anything about what is going on in the world out side of sports and who is on the Maxim magazine cover. They are so convinced that the world revolves around them.  Usually the marriage will not last as the spouse cannot please him or is sick of living with a self centered pig.
You can go to your local gym and find them or the evidence of them there as the barbells or the equipment are loaded up with the weight plates. Mama was not there to take the plates of the equipment.  They can try your patience as you are around this person or on vacation for an extended time. You kindly try to tell them that they need to clean up after themselves and they can get down right nasty as can their mate in defending the Mama’s boy lazy actions.  They play it off as he is just having fun and you need to lighten up. You can not carry on an intelligent conversation as they have no intelligent thoughts in their heads.
Mother’s need to let and help their young men break the apron strings and learn to be independent and not be selfish for their own desires off thinking they will be alone. Get your young men involved with what is going on in the world, state and local issues. Expand their minds out side of the neighborhood. Have them read the wall Street Journal news paper, great source of information.  Do something that can help someone or  make a change for good in your community. Thank God that we have enough strong mother’s and father’s that can suck it up and not give in to their young men and let then ween off their parents and learn to be independent.
Man up Mama’s boys, this country needs real men to lead this country and family’s through this tough economic and social times.

Suck it up Crybaby

John the Baptist

Obama’s Shock and Awe on America

Wikipedia’s definition of shock and awe is this, Shock and awe, technically known as rapid dominance, is a military doctrine based on the use of overwhelming power, dominant battlefield awareness, dominant maneuvers, and spectacular displays of force to paralyze an adversary’s perception of the battlefield and destroy its will to fight. The doctrine was written by Harlan K. Ullman and James P. Wade in 1996 and is a product of the National Defense University of the United States.
Obama is hitting the people of the United States with overwhelming amount of socialist changes to your way of life. There is so many that if you try to keep up with all the bills, terrorist threats, wars and which socialist buddy he is appointing to a secretary position that your head is spinning. This is a well planned strategy which they know they have a short period of time to accomplish so much. Disarm over one third of your nuclear arsenal. Let the worlds terrorist nations know that is they attack the United States with chemical or gas that the United States will not retaliate with nuclear arms. The president’s first duty to this nation is to protect it. He has announced to the thugs in Iran, North Korea and Hugo Chavez that we are week. The President stated that we will use graded measures for retaliation. More of Obama’s double talk. What the heck are graded measures? Obama has singed a new treaty with Russia saying we will stop all research and development of any and all nuclear weapons.
Now President Obama’s administration is testing the waters by throwing out the European style Value added tax.
A VAT is a national sales tax that, like state and city sales taxes, would be collected by retailers. Could you imagine what this would do to your failing economy? Obama, Pelosi and Reid are spending so much of your money they need a source of income to offset the massive deficit they have compiled. They would start at a low rate and slowly move it up as a series of mini financial emergencies occur. Within 5 years you will be paying an extra 10% of your income to the Government. They have taxed the wealthy and that will not make a dent in the deficit. Now with the VAT they will go after the middle class. I recollect that he said during the campaign that he would not tax the middle class or the lower income earners. Hmm, sleight of hand. Did you see it coming? Do not listen to what he say’s but what he does.
Never in the history has this country had so much put upon it so fast. This is well planned strategy to change your focus day to day that it is impossible to keep track of the changes. He is spinning your head.
American’s need to call their congressman and women to tell them of the repercussions to fall upon their heads in the fall midterm elections for the change that You did not want or ask for. In the fall you need to vote these people out. If they are in for another two years for the congress and 6 years for the Senators it may be too late to save the country that our four fathers fought and died for. Do something, what you say will count. Tell your friends and family to get politically active. Go to rallies and town hall meeting. Do something. If you do nothing, you will wake up to another country soon that you will not like. Just another warning.

Suck it up Crybaby
John the Baptist

Unleash the Free Market

The unemployment numbers are on the rise and the administration is doing nothing to bring them down.  Is this by plan or is this by ignorance? We could debate this for the next 3 years of President’s Obama’s term.  While Congress was ramming health care down your throat people are losing jobs and remaining on the unemployment list. The figures are holding steady at 9.7%. This is just the number for the people presently receiving checks as the true number for people who have dropped off the unemployment list is around 17%.  Spending government money or should I say your money, has done nothing and will do nothing to turn this around. The Trillion dollar stimulus was supposed to create jobs, it has turned out to be the President’s slush fund. Now they are talking about a second stimulus.  This will just further sink this country into more debt to the Communist Chinese government.  I noticed the other day that Nick Jr. cartoon was teaching the young children to talk Chinese. Hmm? maybe this is because your children and grand children will be financially enslaved by Red China and will be working for them to pay off this debt the current administration is raking up. Obama, Pelosi and Reid need to unleash the free market that made this country the greatest economic power in the world.  Stop government spending, lower taxes on businesses and individuals and lower capital gain taxes. Very simple formula that was used by Presidents John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan.  There was great economic booms during their tenures  in office.  Obama, Pelosi and Reid need to take economic lessons from the late great genius Milton Friedman who explains it in the simplest of terms that even Obama, Pelosi and Reid could understand it. I think?


“(Power of the Market – The Pencil)”

Suck it up Crybaby

John the Baptist

The Red coats are coming The Red Coats are coming.

Fear not citizens of the USA. Even though Obama’s Health Care bill passed on a Sunday evening, the battle has just begun. It is not a battle just for health care it is a battle of the constitution and states’ rights.  The federal government has no right to require any citizen to purchase anything in this country with the threat of penalty. You may say you need a driver’s license to drive, yes you do, but if you choose not to drive you have no need for a driver’s license. The bank requires you to have mortgage insurance to buy a house.  Again it is your choice not to own a house.  This health care bill gives you no choice. The administration is hiring 17,000. new IRS agents to check to see if you have health insurance and if you do not you will be hit with a hard financial penalty or jail.  The IRS will also for the first time have access to your medical records.  Invasion of privacy? dam right it is.

This is not about health care this is about power and control. They will control 1/6thof the economy.  Nancy Belagosi Pelosi states that it will save a trillion dollars over the second decade. This is just more smoke and mirrors.  The government saves nothing but they consume and grow. They are like dry rot; it eats and eats until there is no wood left.  The arrogance of this group is unprecedented in the history of our country. Sixty percent of the people are against this bill, Obama says they know better then You do.  The 2010 mid terms are around the corner and it will be payback time.    Bart Stupak the Anti Abortion congressman folded to the false promise of an executive order by Obama to stop all public funded abortion.  Any bill passed by the congress supersedes any executive order.  Another generation of the unborn will be murdered.  Thank  you congressman Stupak

Thirty seven states who’s Attorney Generals are filing law suits to stop this invasion of our constitutional rights. The first state to file suit will be the great state of South  Carolina. This is ironic that it was South Carolina that fired the first shot of the Civil War Which was a war of states rights. The American center for Law and Justice headed by Jay Sekulow and Mark Levin’s Landmark legal association will be filing suit as well.  This will but an injunction to stop the bill from being implemented until it is settled in the courts. They will need money help with these court cost so please send contributions to these two organizations. You can find them in your search engines.

The next big plan that Obama plans on pushing through is amnesty for all the 20 million illegal immigrants.  This will be a new voting base for Obama in the 2012 election.

Florida Congressman Alcee Hasting says it all here how Obama’s  gang does it’s businness of running your country.

The foundation of your country was founded on truth; the truth has been broken by this group of Congressmen and Senators. They are not here to serve but here to rule. The Congress will not have the same health care that they are imposing on us. They will have their own Cadillac healthcare.  This is how Royalty lives.  I believe 235 years ago we fought a war against the tyranny of a British King.

Suck It Up Crybaby

John the Baptist