Bizarro President’s Part time job

Here we are again, 8 months later and the Bizarro President is doing everything opposite that any normal President or person would do. Every one is in a uproar over the endorsement of building the Ground Zero mosque. Country is in a down word spiral and His wife in charge was vacationing with 40 of her closes friends in Spain costing Taxpayers millions. She say’s let them eat cake. The following week to appease the public the Bizarro President and family spent 27 hours in The Gulf Coast for a day of photo opts. Now they are off to Martha’s Vineyard. Never in the history of this country has a President spent this much time vacationing, let alone that the country is in a financial mess. The Bizarro President arrives in the morning to the Oval office at 9:30AM to start his day and is usually off by 3:30-4:40PM to play a round of golf or basketball. George Busch arrived to the office at 6:30am every morning and worked late many nights. Do you think Bizarro president thought this was a part time job? His thirty hour work week would make you assume that it is. He is like the city manager from the California city of Bell who made close to $800,000. a year and had 28 weeks of paid vacation and worked part time hours. Bizarro President’s approval numbers are at a all time low of 41% and sinking fast with his party going into the midterms elections. President Obama, please understand this is a full time job with unpaid overtime. I believe that you do not belong to SCIU and have no union negotiating your contract for you. President please get to work, quit complaining and blaming George Bush for every thing, be smart, stop vacationing and always remember to
Suck it up Crybaby

John the Baptist


With Arizona’s Guenos Aires National wild life refuge controlled by Mexican drug lords,

President Obama’s promised help to Governor Jan Brewer turned out to be signs posted in the park warning park users of the dangers from the drug gangs and advising users not to enter the park.

A lot of help that was, Thanks Obama.

The Federal Government is not protecting the boarders nor the citizens of Arizona.   Arizona passed their immigration law and the Obama administration plans to sue Arizona claiming the law is illegal.  Right!

Is this what America is destined to become?

Suck it up Crybaby

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John the Baptist

Suck it up Crybaby OBAMA

The Crybaby President Obama came into his Presidency with the promise  of Hope and Change to his constituency,  and to all  he claimed his administration would be the most transparent Presidency in the history of this great country.  Independents and many Republicans believed in his promise of hope and change. He hit the ground running as he pushed hard for the trillion dollar stimulus bill to save the economy and create millions of jobs.  To date the ones that have been created are government union jobs and the private sector is fledgling like a sick dog.  Next the Crybaby President rescued GM,  AIG,  Chrysler, many  banks and financial institutions.  Obama  bailed them out with hundreds of billions dollars of taxpayer money. With that the Federal government owns a piece of them.   Obama next threw the health care bill on the people as they screamed out loud that they were opposed to the bill.  Obama did not listen as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid made many shady back door deals in the dead of the night to get the needed votes for the bill.  Employment continued to be stagnant as nothing was done to truly stimulate the economy. Obama backed  and stumped for two failed  Governor’s races and one failed Senate race in the east. The terrorist are embolden as record number of failed attacks have happened on Obamas watch. His failed attempt to prosecute SKM in the New York City Federal courts is another lose for him.   Still no private sector jobs have been create as he ask for another 200 billion for a second jobs bill.  Record flooding wrecked havoc in Memphis Tennessee as well as the BP oil spill off the coast of Louisiana. He stands back watches and does nothing that a leader should do,  until the voices and criticism get to loud.  The President never did go to Memphis and took nearly 40 days to go to the coast.  President Obama has time for 27 White House concerts with the likes of ex Beetle Paul McCartney and  has played more golf in his first 15 months of office than George Bush played in 8 years. He acts always in response from the public and the media. Obama seams bothered, aloof and uncaring as if he does not know how to act.  This all seams like a distraction from his agenda.  Obama does  what no sane politician would do.  Past Presidents quickly go to disasters and talk to the leaders of the state and send aid.  President Obama said I talk to experts “So I know whose ass to kick”.  Crybaby  President  mocks and makes fun of anyone that does not agree with him. He can not handle criticism.  Obama blames others for all his misshapes.  He is the original Crybaby. He owns the oil spill as his lack of action allowed the oil to flow into the marshes. Governor Jidel hands were tied as the Federal Government floundered with indecision and no direction.  His ratings among Hispanics has fallen to 61%.  Obama knows he is a one term President with the tide rising against him. This is not stopping him from pushing his socialist agenda. Some fear they may stage a false flag incident to declare Marshall law. This does leave you thinking that why would they sacrifice congress and his administration to have all their programs rolled back after they lose the congress.  Socialist never go out easily and nether will Obama and his gang.

Hang tough, fight hard and remember

Suck it up Crybaby

John the Baptist