“Being too intellectual, makes one stupid.”

The scientist , Steven Hawking , has recently come out with a new book in which he states, “God is Unnecessary.”
He believes, “We fabricated Him out of a need to not feel alone, and to feel connected to something.”

I so disagree !

To say, “God is Unnecessary,” is a statement born out of ignorance, or mere arrogance. Perhaps both.

God is as necessary as, air is to breathing.
He is , “The Great I Am”. He is, ” The Beginning and the End”. The ” Alpha and Omega”.

The true test Mr. Hawking, lies in you trying to disprove that God exsists. Perhaps one day you can tell us from the grave, if you still deem Him , “Unnecessary.”
Only then will you know the truth.

Suck it Up Crybaby

The Woman at the Well

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