Arizona Immigration Law, Viva Zapata or Viva Arizona?

Viva Governor Jan Brewer, She has opened a can of worms that the Obama administration was not ready for. With 17 other state drawing up their own immigration bills the tide of states rights is sweeping the land. With a high approval rating of 60% percent approval for the bill across the country Obama’s disparaging comment against the bill are falling on deaf ears. Last week in Kentucky states right advocate Rand Paul won the Republican primary against the GOP backed opponent. Funny how Attorney General Eric Holder and Home land security Chief Janet Napolitano have come out and blasted the bill and say they will sue to stop the bill from being enacted. When questioned in Senate hearings they both said they have not read the bill. Do you think this is crazy to bash the bill that they have not read. Have you ever seen a public official with that high of a rank sound so utterly stupid as Holder did.  This is so unbelievable it makes you want to hit your head against the wall. Time for all the Governors to take a stand against this administrations power grab. Obama’s speech at West Point for the graduating class he said that he had the ultimate power. The cadets were not very receptive to his presence.  The Federal Government has done nothing to stop the flood of illegal aliens into your country with all the rights and more than the citizens of this country. The Federal Government was set up by the founding fathers to protect this county and regulate interstate commerce. Over the last 100 years they have grabbed powers and imposed taxes that they had no right to impose.  The National debt just surpassed 13 trillion dollars and growing. Washington is spending and borrowing money that the country does not have. Sounds like the same thing that is happening in Greece.  The only way the Obama gang plans to get out of this debt is to tax all income brackets.  Gee do you think it was just going to be people making over $250,000. a year? Obama’s administration are talking about a value added tax as in Europe.  Any thing you buy will have a National sales tax. You will still be paying all the other existing taxes. This will slow economic recovery and the state and local revenues will decrease. Most of the states are in debt with high unemployment. The Governors need to use their  States rights to be push hard against the ever consuming Federal government.  The Federal government owns 30 % of the land in the United States.           Mostly in the western states. They are planning on taking more  land in  New Mexico and Utah.  The oil spill in the Gulf has had no support form the Federal government. It took Obama nearly 40 days to visit the site. Bush was at Katrina 3 days after and the liberal media ate him up for the delay. Louisiana Governor needs to do what he needs for his state weather the Feds like it or not, they can arrest him later as Obamas group are inept to handle any crisis in this country.  Must I say States rights again.  The Arizona Immigration bill mimics the Federal bill. Your boarders need to be protected. We are a nation of laws. Laws need to be enforced. Obama had Mexico’s president Calderon give a speech at the Capitol. In that speech said he did not think that the Arizona immigration law was legal and that it should be repealed. Such a hypocrite as Mexico’s Immigration law says you must be able to support yourself and your family. No free medical, housing or food stamps. If you do not meet these requirements you are not admitted to the country. If you sneak in to Mexico you can be put in prison for 2 years and then sent back. You have no  trial or appeals . If you are caught sneaking in a second time you can be out in prison for 10 years. The Democrats gave him a standing ovation.  Who cares what Calderon has to say, he needs to clean up his own mess in Mexico.  This is a case of states rights. If the Federal Government can not protect the States, then they have a right to protect their own boarders. Support Arizona’s rights, because it is your right and it will benefit your state and nation. Viva Arizona

Suck it up Crybaby

John the Baptist

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