The Red coats are coming The Red Coats are coming.

Fear not citizens of the USA. Even though Obama’s Health Care bill passed on a Sunday evening, the battle has just begun. It is not a battle just for health care it is a battle of the constitution and states’ rights.  The federal government has no right to require any citizen to purchase anything in this country with the threat of penalty. You may say you need a driver’s license to drive, yes you do, but if you choose not to drive you have no need for a driver’s license. The bank requires you to have mortgage insurance to buy a house.  Again it is your choice not to own a house.  This health care bill gives you no choice. The administration is hiring 17,000. new IRS agents to check to see if you have health insurance and if you do not you will be hit with a hard financial penalty or jail.  The IRS will also for the first time have access to your medical records.  Invasion of privacy? dam right it is.

This is not about health care this is about power and control. They will control 1/6thof the economy.  Nancy Belagosi Pelosi states that it will save a trillion dollars over the second decade. This is just more smoke and mirrors.  The government saves nothing but they consume and grow. They are like dry rot; it eats and eats until there is no wood left.  The arrogance of this group is unprecedented in the history of our country. Sixty percent of the people are against this bill, Obama says they know better then You do.  The 2010 mid terms are around the corner and it will be payback time.    Bart Stupak the Anti Abortion congressman folded to the false promise of an executive order by Obama to stop all public funded abortion.  Any bill passed by the congress supersedes any executive order.  Another generation of the unborn will be murdered.  Thank  you congressman Stupak

Thirty seven states who’s Attorney Generals are filing law suits to stop this invasion of our constitutional rights. The first state to file suit will be the great state of South  Carolina. This is ironic that it was South Carolina that fired the first shot of the Civil War Which was a war of states rights. The American center for Law and Justice headed by Jay Sekulow and Mark Levin’s Landmark legal association will be filing suit as well.  This will but an injunction to stop the bill from being implemented until it is settled in the courts. They will need money help with these court cost so please send contributions to these two organizations. You can find them in your search engines.

The next big plan that Obama plans on pushing through is amnesty for all the 20 million illegal immigrants.  This will be a new voting base for Obama in the 2012 election.

Florida Congressman Alcee Hasting says it all here how Obama’s  gang does it’s businness of running your country.

The foundation of your country was founded on truth; the truth has been broken by this group of Congressmen and Senators. They are not here to serve but here to rule. The Congress will not have the same health care that they are imposing on us. They will have their own Cadillac healthcare.  This is how Royalty lives.  I believe 235 years ago we fought a war against the tyranny of a British King.

Suck It Up Crybaby

John the Baptist

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