Obama’s Chicago Thuggery

Obama’s thugs are out twisting arms, creating back door deals and promising government jobs to congress people who may choose not to run or will lose their seats in  the 2010 midterm elections. This is politics at its worse. The transparency that Obama promised is a big lie like everything else that he promised. Nancy Beligosi Pelosi is threatening to remove congress people from prominate committee positions to low positions such as the Postal committee.

They are dancing with glee that the CBO numbers came in under one trillion dollars. 940 billion to be exact. These are preliminary numbers that will change. Obama states that the health care will save 140 billion dollars over the next ten years. You all know that the government never saves money and the true cost will be 3-6 times the estimated cost. Medicare is in trouble as well as Social security which are unfunded and true debt for these two government run systems is 100 Trillion dollars.  We cannot afford Obama’s healthcare. The United States is broke. There is no more money to spend. You cannot keep printing money; the dollar will be devalued and worthless. Check your history books for Germany’s Weimar Republic where to by a loaf of bread you had to have a wheel barrel full of German marks as it was worthless.   www.germanculture.com.ua/library

 Obama just passed another jobs bill costing you all 18 Billion more dollars. The Trillion dollar stimulus bill did nothing to create jobs. Oh by the way if the heath care passes the Federal Government will authorize the IRS to hire 12,000. New agents to make sure that you have government run health care as well as all employers. If they find that you or your employer does not have or offer they will hit you with a huge penalty or throw you in jail. Obama can create new jobs. Too bad the private sector has not benefited from any of his programs.

This is what the heath care offers. You need to understand, do research and you will understand what they are doing to you. You will not be able to just call your doctor and go about your usual visits and pick up your prescriptions. The services will be rationed as the money will not be there the pay for the programs. Ouch! It will hurt you and your country like nothing you have ever experienced. Your safe little world will be rocked. Pull your ostrich head out of the hole and do something.

Call your Congress person and tell them to vote no. It will be the best thing you have done for you, your children and their children. If you do nothing, don’t say I didn’t warn you! So all I can say at that point is

Suck It Up Crybaby    

John the Baptist 

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  1. They can not compete with the Government run health care. Thier prices will go up and the people and employers will switch to the government health care as it will be way cheeper. They do n ot have a public plan will but that is the next step.

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