God Bless America

This is still a great nation, despite some in power that think we should be equal if not lower than some of the third world nations.  America will over come those who want to diminish the image of  the most charitable  country ever.  No One man can bring  America down.  Freedom will overcome tyranny.  Americans Love freedom.  It is in our blood.  We love the winner and to win.  We will be second to none.   The people will and are standing up to the corruption in Washington and their states.  Bad Politicians are resigning left and right. You must not stand for the evil but fight for the good.  The Light penetrates through all darkness.  With out the Light there is no shadow of darkness.

Kate Smith whom Frank Sinatra considered the greatest singer of his age sang this famous Irving Berlin song.This clip is from the 1941 Movie You are in the Army now.  You will recognize some familiar faces.

Suck it up Crybaby

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