The Emancipation of Education

  As President Reagan so eloquently said: “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” 

 This sentiment typifies the precious nature of instructing our young and forms the basis of my utter contempt for the very idea of public education prior to adulthood.


At the heart of education is indoctrination.  Now, this is not inherently a negative thing.  Rather, it is a simple recognition of reality.  The propriety of that indoctrination is wholly informed by who is doing the indoctrinating.  When a parent does it, it is almost universally for the moral betterment of their child.  Even when the ideas the parent are trying to inculcate in their offspring are dubious, the intent is for their good.  Government, however, has no such beneficent moral structure in mind.  Government is an amorphous and amoral entity whose inclination, as history has taught, is to increase its size and employ policies toward that end.  In terms of education, that means instituting curriculums that, instead of providing knowledge so an individual may be self-reliant, subjugates the mind by denouncing individual achievement and notions of objective truth.   Even ex-KGB officials now readily confirm that their infiltration and manipulation of education was a key strategy in their desired conquest of the West. The KGB and the brain washing of the West    UTube

In practical application, I believe there should be virtually no public schooling of the young.  That responsibility falls squarely on the shoulders of the parents to either take care of directly through home schooling or through the market place via private schools.  The latter would instill competition among educators where many different facilities offering a variety of educational methods would vie for the parents’ dollars.  Only those children who’s education has been virtually completely abdicated by their parents should be placed in a publicly run infrastructure.


Commiserate to this must be, of course, must be a new understanding of how schools are funded.  If the vast majorities are to be educated privately, the right of parents to keep their money to pay for this must be recognized.  I am not advocating for school vouchers, though that is a huge step in the right direction.  Rather, the money should not leave their hands in the first instance.  All vouchers would do is create unnecessary bureaucratic overhead and waste money.  The only government involvement should be to insure that children are indeed receiving some type of education and are acquiring skills in reading, math and science due to the inherent national security interests that the next generation be well versed in those subjects.  The only people taxed for primary education are those parents whose children, through their dereliction, must be placed in public schools.  The freeing of capitol would remove the shackles from around the feet of loving parents and provide for an engine of ingenuity and societal advancement unseen in human history.

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