Women of America, Wake Up! They are attacking Your rights!

Do you find yourself shaking your head as you hear news anchors and pundits make vicious jabs about Sarah Palin? This woman has been very successful in career and family.  She started her political life as a mayor of a small town in Alaska and went on to defeat an incumbent Republican Governor of the same state running against the establishment. John McCain picked her as his running mate and she was the bright spot in his failed run for President.


Susan B. Anthony

“I know nothing but woman and her disfranchised.”

Sarah Palin’s family consist of her husband Todd and four children, the youngest being Trig who has Down syndrome. Sarah and her husband new that Trig had Down syndrome and went thought with the birth,   this infuriates some on the left as it goes against their view of children as commodities to keep or toss away at a whim. 

Recently Sarah spoke at the first Tea party convention and awed the audience with her common sense approach to what is the role of Government.  She is going against the current administrations theory that the Government should control all aspects of your life. She spoke from notes on the podium and not a teleprompter.  After her speech she was interviewed and had crib notes on her hand on three subjects.

The CSNBC crew and the ladies from the T V show the View went nuts over this as if only a moron would do this.  Joy Behar and Eve Ensler recently questioned her intelligence.  Just listen to Joy and Eve talk and you get the point. The President had to use a teleprompter last week to talk to a group of 20 children in their classroom.  Sarah so threatens the President that Obama’s press secretary had to make fun of her at his latest press conference and had crib notes written on his hand.  Of all people to make fun of someone, Robert Gibbs has made a fool of himself on a continual basis. Just listen to his press conferences.

Where are the woman’s groups to defend the attacks on this woman as David Letterman is obsessed with defiling her with his mean spirited jokes.  David Letterman should be at odds with woman groups as he was sleeping with his subordinates whom will soon be in the news as the trail of his alleged black mailer will be exposed. I think Letterman has a problem with woman that he can’t control or dominate.

 The silence of the NOW group exposes them for who they aren’t. They have their own selfish agenda and it is not defending women.

The attacks on Sarah Palin are an attack on all you decent upstanding women in this country, who love God, country and family.

You can ask people what they don’t like about Governor Palin.  They do not have an answer or it is a staple response they heard from one of her critics.  Her critics say she does not have enough experience?  All her experience has been  on the executive level.

Sarah Palin was in charge of the Alaska National Guard; she was the mayor of  Wasilla Alaska and last was the Governor of the energy rich state of Alaska.  She excelled all three positions.  President  Obama has no experience at running anything short of his  teleprompter messages and we can see were that has lead this country.

They are attacking your common sense, your right to have a husband and children.  Your right as a woman to be outspoken, intelligent and beautiful.  You’re right to hold a high position in politics.

Please people, you must come to terms that this is not just about Sarah Palin, it is an attack on the values and foundations that this country was built on.  Attacking Sarah Palin is tearing down what this country stands for, Freedom for a woman to work hard and be successful, your faithful marriage, to love and cherish your children even if they are not perfect, as none of us are and to have inner strength to persevere through all the malice things the malcontents throw at you.            

Please if have not heard Sarah Palin’s message put away the negativity of the malcontents and open an ear and listen as it is a positive one of hope , faith and Love.

Suck it up CrybabyPalin addresses Tea Party

John the Baptist

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