Parents, Your grown children are not Your Spouse!

Marriage is a covenant between Husband and Wife; I don’t believe that there was anything that said the Father or Mother could override the covenant.
I have come across story after story of grown adult friends who have one thing in common, a mother or father-in-law that has a substitute spouse relationship with their daughter or son. The parent’s relationship has soured and they cling to their child for their emotional needs. Some have groomed their child since they were young to be subservient to their emotional needs. This is very destructive to the child’s relationship with their spouse. The daughter will cling to the father and comfort him and sympathize with him as he complains about his relationship with her mother. This will bring resentment between the mother and daughter as the daughter is upset for the things that the mother has allegedly done to the father, the mother upset for the daughter taking her place emotionally for the father.
The son-in-law is left wondering where his wife is for him as he sees her jump for the whims and needs of her father. She will take days to complete something her husband has asked her to do but she will not hesitate to type up paper work for her father’s business. In a church or social setting she will sit next to her father and interact with him with little time for her spouse. The mother is non-existent in the scene as she usually is quiet and withdrawn.
The Mother and Son relationship is where the mother is in control of her marriage and the husband is submissive to her and accepts or is content with the mother-son relationship as he wants to do his own thing and not be involved with household decisions. If the mother moves to another city the son will usually follow as he can’t function without her guidance and she will help him to be near her.
There are signs of these problems before the marriage but the young couple is in love and the parent has backed off as the relationship develops. Once the honeymoon stage has “worn” off the parent steps in to claim their territory. When the child and parent are together it is as if the other spouses are nonexistent. The parent child relationship has back door deals and projects that exclude the other spouses such as investments, business deals, trips, cruises, etc…
Parents, please bless your children when they become adults and let them be independent from you as they need to be self-sufficient to compete in the world and you will not always be there for them as you will die someday.
In their marriage let them bond with each other and remain dependent on themselves. Help advise them when they ask, but don’t bail them out of bad decisions as they have to feel the pain in order to not repeat those same mistakes. This is all for your own selfish reasons and not your child’s or your spouse’s. Fix your own relationship and stay out of your child’s. I know that some of you are in denial but look at your relationship and step back if this is you. Your child will thank you, as may your spouse.
Suck it up Crybaby
John the Baptist

The Islamic Storm

The Islamic Storm

As I open up the paper and listen to the news I come across story after story of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab,   alias the underwear bomber who attempted to blow up the Delta airliner in flight.  Then there is a double agent Jordanian Doctor Human Khalil Abu Mulai al Balawi in Afghanistan who blew up himself, 7 CIA agents and personnel.  Of course we can’t forget about Major Nidal Malik Hasan the Fort Hood shooter who yelled praise to Allah as he began the massacre.  This doesn’t sit well with me as I can’t remember any attacks like these under our past President.  I don’t feel the current administration, and the President realize that we are at war with a religion that believes that heaven is a brothel.  Why are we prosecuting these Islamic Terrorists in our federal courts?  Say it really slow Mr. President, “Islamic Terrorist.”  See that wasn’t hard. The word Terrorist never shows up in the 7 page indictment against Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, alias the underwear bomber.  Nadil and Umar are protégé’s of the Amon Ali Alwikki, he  preached at a mosque in San Diego and left for his personal Jihad in Yemen, where he taught his hatred to Major Nidal and Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.

Al Qaeda and its supporters are emboldened by the passive response of our President as he fails to call this a war and not separate criminal acts.


Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said that the system worked with the underwear bomber, and now is backtracking as the fire storm is upon her and Obama from the Republicans and the few networks calling them out.  President Obama’s aides waited three hours to wake him  to inform him of the Terrorist act.  I perceive that the Health care bill that he is ramming down our throats is more important to him than protecting this country.  Could a major Terrorist attack bring Marshall Law?  I fear to say this but the quote of Obama’s Chief of Staff Rohm Emanuel, “You have to take advantage of a crisis to do things you may not be able to do if the crisis did not occur.” This makes me think.  With what this administration and the congress have done I would not put anything past them. The administration fails to take this war seriously as they are prosecuting three navy Seals who hunted down the head Terrorist responsible for mutilating, killing and burning the three contractors in Iraq.  The Terrorist claimed one of the Seals punched him and now they are facing court marshal; no witnesses just the testimony of the bloodthirsty Terrorist.  This is Political Correctness at its worst.

We are dealing with an enemy who preys on weakness; never facing their opponent face to face but rather in secret.  They are setting off their mayhem in crowded areas with roadside bombs, car-truck bombs, and suicide bombers.  They kill men, women and children.  Major Nidal was shooting at Fort Hood where he knew nobody was armed.  To Islamic Terrorist only Allah matters and the brothel in heaven, I’m not sure in what order.

Muslims killing Muslims in the name of Allah.  I don’t understand.  There are many different denominations of Christianity, but they still proclaim Jesus as their savior and that he is the son of God.  They don’t kill each other to get there minor points across.  Which sect is right in Islam?

This is what we are dealing with President Obama.  You can’t reason with this kind of thinking.  There are people who are still stoning women who are raped as if it’s their fault, beheading people and cutting prisoners up before killing them.  They are bringing their Jihad to America now Mr. President.

We have never won a war with political correctness and we never will.  War is hell and you have to wage it as that and to win at all cost.  God gave Roosevelt the anointment to unleash the Dogs of War as he did in World War ll.  There was no reading of Miranda rights, they don’t even qualify for the Geneva Convention code as they wear no uniform or represent any country.



President Roosevelt let Eisenhower and MacArthur bomb the enemy’s cities into heaps of rubble, as well as historic cathedrals in Dresden and in Hamburg to bring the enemy to their knees.  The armies of Al Qaeda and the Taliban will hole up in a mosque and fire at our troops and because it is a holy place we are not allowed to fire back.

There is no reasoning with this enemy.  Good will defeat evil, but you have to act. The Red Sea didn’t part until Moses put out his staff.

Please President Obama, put aside the Healthcare and cap and trade for now.  You need to concentrate on the economy, and protecting this country by defeating this vile enemy.

Suck it up Crybaby

John and Ron the Baptist