PLAY THE MOVIE

                                                                      Before you make that Decision

We tend to make decisions without much thought of the consequences that they can create down the road, 1 week, 6 months, 1 or 5 years later.  You decide to buy this car that you really don’t need, but you do it anyway. You lose your job, how are you going to pay for the car?  You come across the deal of a life time on the house you always wanted. You make an offer only to find out that you can’t qualify because of that car you really didn’t need.

You really need to think through all the aspects of what could happen and what has happened and what will happen as of the result of these choices that you make.  This is called play the movie.

A husband is happily married for 15 years, has three children. He has a good job with a great 401k.  He has a 4 bedroom house and coaches his daughter’s soccer team.  He is tempted by a women in his department he manages.  He bites the bait. The woman  goes to the police and tells them that he assaulted her.  He gets arrested. Wait he says, she wanted it, she came on to me. To no avail he is convicted of felony sexual assault.  His marriage is broken up as the wife feels betrayed, He loses his job as she was a suborbinate and he is sentenced to prison for two years. The results have not ended yet as once he is released as he is now a registered sex offender. He has to have monitored visits with his children, cannot live around schools, child care facilities, cannot coach youth athletic teams and is shunned by society. He cannot find a good job.  Had he played the movie, would he have made the choice to follow through?  This is the extreme of bad choices, but this applies to all levels of choices we make in our life. The person we marry. Are there things that we don’t like about our prospective spouse, but we think that we can change that person or that Love will overcome all problems? We need to play the movie. Will time change that our spouse is very demanding of our time, authoritive in the way they talk to us, always right in there discussions with us? No in most cases it will not. Our closest friends are in disbelief that we went through with the marriage, only to see the marriage end a few years later. We did not play the movie. Had we, we would have not married this person.

We are on the freeway in our new car with a 390 horse powered Hemi Dodge engine.  We show off to our friends and hit 100 mph in a matter of 10 seconds.  Wow what  fun that was, until we see the red lights in the rear view mirror?  This really sucks.   He didn’t play the movie.  What are the repercussions of this action?  Excessive speeding ticket will be in the $500-$700.00 dollar range.  Traffic school time will be 5 hours on line or 8 hours in class and the class fee of around $100-150.00 dollars.  Wait a minute it doesn’t stop here, your insurance rates will increase for 3 years.  If you go to school or can go to school it will take the ticket off your record for lower speed violations but not this one.  Ouch! Had you played the movie you would have thought about the cost and time of this action, worse is that you could have been in an accident.

Young couple in love and in their teens makes the mistake of premarraige unprotected sex end up pregnant. This will change their life forever. I don’t think I need to into detail of the repercussions on this one.

Take control of your life. Be smart and think things through. Don’t be rushed or pressured into irrational decisions. Talk to people you know and trust; do research if you need to and take your time.  Write down the pros and cons of these decisions.  This will help you make your choices.

Remember, don’t give up and always

Suck it up crybaby                                             

John the Baptist

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