Bizzaro State of the Union

 Bizzaro State of the Union                                                                                                             

President Barack Obama gave the country his first State of the Union address.President Barack Obama pauses as he delivers his first State of the Union address on Capitol Hill in Washington

The Bizzaro President was once again on the campaign trail, positioning himself as if he was a Washington outsider. 

Barack Obama did the exact opposite of Bill Clinton did after he lost control of the congress. Bill Clinton moved to the center which quieted the storm and he went on to have a fairly successful presidency.

The Bizzaro President stayed on his left leaning course of destruction, without a thought of Scotts Brown victory over Martha Coakley in Massachusetts.

President Obama stated that his gang rescued the country from a possible depression with his stimulus bill and saved 2 million jobs as unemployment rose above 10%. Where does he get these figures?

President Obama arrogantly proposed to the Public that they were not educated enough to understand the issues of the Health care and touted the wonders of the plan and surly we will and should push it through.

Bizzaro President stated that the Country deserved a government that matches the decency of the country.  I hope we are above Barney Frank, Charles Rangel and call me Senator, Barbara Boxer in the decency level.

The camera’s zoomed in on Harry Reid as he was yawning; the speech was Obama’s same old rhetoric.

There were a few bright spots when He said we need to be energy independent. He said we need to build nuclear plants, offshore oil and gas drilling and clean coal technology.  Great ideas yes but we know that that will never happened as his party is the ones responsible for keeping us in energy bondage to the Middle East.

The President had the gull to attack the Supreme Court for overturning the freedom for corporations to contribute to campaign elections. He lied when he said foreign countries could contribute to campaigns and control elections. You could see Judge Alito mouth ” not true”. The President should never bully the court for their decisions, thats what dictators like Hugho Chavez of Venezuela do.

Bizzaro President stated that we need a spending freeze as his quad tripled the deficit and touting a new 200 billion jobs bill.  The freeze will not take place until next year and we know what financial damage can be done in a year with this crowd.  The Republicans were laughing at that statement and Obama gave then a look of anger at their disobedience.

The Bizzaro President is blaming the Bush administration for the deficit that he acquired one he took office. He lied when he said the deficit was 1 trillion dollars.

I laughed when the Bizzaro President said that we need to try something new like common sense. What?  There is not an ounce of common sense in his gang.

He brought out the need for transparency; we heard that before Joe Biden.

The Bizzaro President spent very little time on national security which was a surprise as it is one of the most important issues today.

The Bizzaro President finished with the need to repeal the don’t ask don’t tell in the military, this will destroy our great military that has kept us free for over two hundred years.

This is the last thing the Dems need on their table as they head into the midterm elections.

President Obama has had a failed first year at the helm and he needs to stop thinking about himself.  President Obama said the word (I) 96 times. Please think about the country and do what is right.

Unlike Bill Clinton who listened to the public and changed, President Obama is heading off a cliff and our country is the car that he is driving. We have the Bizzaro President who thinks right is wrong and wrong is right, up is down and down is up.

You voted him in!

You can change it

Do the right thing

Suck It up Crybaby                                                                                          

John the Baptist

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