You have to live life like your dying

American Idol winner Kris Allen has a song out that say’s so much, it is called live life like you are dying.  He is right, Go out and do good and what you always wanted to do.

What are we waiting for?  There so much life to live out there, things to do, place to visit, family and friends to ask for forgiveness, reconcile differences.

Time is too short.  Classes to take, languages to learn, places and things to see.

Men or women that you want to ask out but to intimidated to talk to, Why?  Just do it, there is 86,400 seconds in a day do not let the time slip away.   You really have to live life like you are dying.  Do not let fear take that time away from you.   Do what you really want to do.  Take your family on a trip and love the ones that you are with.   People help those that have not and need help and love them.   Give your time and resources to help your fellow man. Remember  to live life like your dying.   What would you do if you had 2 months to live?  I’m going to sing karaoke this Thursday night.   Why not.   I am running out of time,  I will not have second life on this earth like Frankenstein.   Love is what we are born with and fear is what we learn once we are here.   Embrace those around you.  Live, Love and laugh often. Live life like Your dying.

Suck it Up Crybaby

John The Baptist

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