Obama, America has rejected You!


Suck It up Crybaby’s in Washington; you have had your ill faded Health care program handed to you on a silver platter.  America has rejected your far left agenda to transform this great nation into your socialist regime.  How dare you Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and ring leader Barack Hussein Obama think that you have the right to control our lives as you live like Kings dictating who live and dies.

No one person or three persons can bring this nation to its knees. This is a center right country with conservative values and the backlash has just begun. President Obama Wednesday on George Stephanopoulos show saying the people aren’t mad at the last year or two but the last eight years as if it is George W. Bush that we are angry with. I think if they could Americans would rather have George back in office then the narcissist President that we have now. President Obama just doesn’t get it. When you are mentored and go by the play book from the likes of Saul Lewinsky, Bill Ayers,and Reverend Wright what could we expect? He knows no different way of thinking. This all seems good in his mind. His mentors are the predecessors who killed millions in Europe and Asia in the last century. They preach the gospel of control and hate while smiling at you and saying they want to help you. Playing class warfare. Obama, Reid and Pelosi and their minions are behind closed doors now scheming up new lies and plots to keep health care and cap and trade alive even at the cost of control of the congress. As in past history the Socialist eat their own.  Stalin killed Trotsky and Lenin and Hitler turn on his Brown Shirts. The left will let their party lose control to get their programs through. It is ironic that Teddy Kennedy lived another 12-14 months then the normal patient because he had the best private health care that money could buy. During this time Obama screwed the Nation up enough that when Kennedy’s senate seat was up for grabs the great people in Massachusetts rejected the President’s agenda and voted in a Conservative Scott Brown to the seat that has been held by the Kennedy family for 58 years. Now the beloved health care that Kennedy and Obama fought so hard to pass is now dead on arrival.  Beware America they are not finished, keep your guard up as socialist don’t give up easily or fight fair. Vote out all the bad ones regardless of what affiliation.  And for all those that want to control and do harm to the citizens of this great country,        


John the Baptist.

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