PLAY THE MOVIE

                                                                      Before you make that Decision

We tend to make decisions without much thought of the consequences that they can create down the road, 1 week, 6 months, 1 or 5 years later.  You decide to buy this car that you really don’t need, but you do it anyway. You lose your job, how are you going to pay for the car?  You come across the deal of a life time on the house you always wanted. You make an offer only to find out that you can’t qualify because of that car you really didn’t need.

You really need to think through all the aspects of what could happen and what has happened and what will happen as of the result of these choices that you make.  This is called play the movie.

A husband is happily married for 15 years, has three children. He has a good job with a great 401k.  He has a 4 bedroom house and coaches his daughter’s soccer team.  He is tempted by a women in his department he manages.  He bites the bait. The woman  goes to the police and tells them that he assaulted her.  He gets arrested. Wait he says, she wanted it, she came on to me. To no avail he is convicted of felony sexual assault.  His marriage is broken up as the wife feels betrayed, He loses his job as she was a suborbinate and he is sentenced to prison for two years. The results have not ended yet as once he is released as he is now a registered sex offender. He has to have monitored visits with his children, cannot live around schools, child care facilities, cannot coach youth athletic teams and is shunned by society. He cannot find a good job.  Had he played the movie, would he have made the choice to follow through?  This is the extreme of bad choices, but this applies to all levels of choices we make in our life. The person we marry. Are there things that we don’t like about our prospective spouse, but we think that we can change that person or that Love will overcome all problems? We need to play the movie. Will time change that our spouse is very demanding of our time, authoritive in the way they talk to us, always right in there discussions with us? No in most cases it will not. Our closest friends are in disbelief that we went through with the marriage, only to see the marriage end a few years later. We did not play the movie. Had we, we would have not married this person.

We are on the freeway in our new car with a 390 horse powered Hemi Dodge engine.  We show off to our friends and hit 100 mph in a matter of 10 seconds.  Wow what  fun that was, until we see the red lights in the rear view mirror?  This really sucks.   He didn’t play the movie.  What are the repercussions of this action?  Excessive speeding ticket will be in the $500-$700.00 dollar range.  Traffic school time will be 5 hours on line or 8 hours in class and the class fee of around $100-150.00 dollars.  Wait a minute it doesn’t stop here, your insurance rates will increase for 3 years.  If you go to school or can go to school it will take the ticket off your record for lower speed violations but not this one.  Ouch! Had you played the movie you would have thought about the cost and time of this action, worse is that you could have been in an accident.

Young couple in love and in their teens makes the mistake of premarraige unprotected sex end up pregnant. This will change their life forever. I don’t think I need to into detail of the repercussions on this one.

Take control of your life. Be smart and think things through. Don’t be rushed or pressured into irrational decisions. Talk to people you know and trust; do research if you need to and take your time.  Write down the pros and cons of these decisions.  This will help you make your choices.

Remember, don’t give up and always

Suck it up crybaby                                             

John the Baptist

Bizzaro State of the Union

 Bizzaro State of the Union                                                                                                             

President Barack Obama gave the country his first State of the Union address.President Barack Obama pauses as he delivers his first State of the Union address on Capitol Hill in Washington

The Bizzaro President was once again on the campaign trail, positioning himself as if he was a Washington outsider. 

Barack Obama did the exact opposite of Bill Clinton did after he lost control of the congress. Bill Clinton moved to the center which quieted the storm and he went on to have a fairly successful presidency.

The Bizzaro President stayed on his left leaning course of destruction, without a thought of Scotts Brown victory over Martha Coakley in Massachusetts.

President Obama stated that his gang rescued the country from a possible depression with his stimulus bill and saved 2 million jobs as unemployment rose above 10%. Where does he get these figures?

President Obama arrogantly proposed to the Public that they were not educated enough to understand the issues of the Health care and touted the wonders of the plan and surly we will and should push it through.

Bizzaro President stated that the Country deserved a government that matches the decency of the country.  I hope we are above Barney Frank, Charles Rangel and call me Senator, Barbara Boxer in the decency level.

The camera’s zoomed in on Harry Reid as he was yawning; the speech was Obama’s same old rhetoric.

There were a few bright spots when He said we need to be energy independent. He said we need to build nuclear plants, offshore oil and gas drilling and clean coal technology.  Great ideas yes but we know that that will never happened as his party is the ones responsible for keeping us in energy bondage to the Middle East.

The President had the gull to attack the Supreme Court for overturning the freedom for corporations to contribute to campaign elections. He lied when he said foreign countries could contribute to campaigns and control elections. You could see Judge Alito mouth ” not true”. The President should never bully the court for their decisions, thats what dictators like Hugho Chavez of Venezuela do.

Bizzaro President stated that we need a spending freeze as his quad tripled the deficit and touting a new 200 billion jobs bill.  The freeze will not take place until next year and we know what financial damage can be done in a year with this crowd.  The Republicans were laughing at that statement and Obama gave then a look of anger at their disobedience.

The Bizzaro President is blaming the Bush administration for the deficit that he acquired one he took office. He lied when he said the deficit was 1 trillion dollars.

I laughed when the Bizzaro President said that we need to try something new like common sense. What?  There is not an ounce of common sense in his gang.

He brought out the need for transparency; we heard that before Joe Biden.

The Bizzaro President spent very little time on national security which was a surprise as it is one of the most important issues today.

The Bizzaro President finished with the need to repeal the don’t ask don’t tell in the military, this will destroy our great military that has kept us free for over two hundred years.

This is the last thing the Dems need on their table as they head into the midterm elections.

President Obama has had a failed first year at the helm and he needs to stop thinking about himself.  President Obama said the word (I) 96 times. Please think about the country and do what is right.

Unlike Bill Clinton who listened to the public and changed, President Obama is heading off a cliff and our country is the car that he is driving. We have the Bizzaro President who thinks right is wrong and wrong is right, up is down and down is up.

You voted him in!

You can change it

Do the right thing

Suck It up Crybaby                                                                                          

John the Baptist

You have to live life like your dying

American Idol winner Kris Allen has a song out that say’s so much, it is called live life like you are dying.  He is right, Go out and do good and what you always wanted to do.

What are we waiting for?  There so much life to live out there, things to do, place to visit, family and friends to ask for forgiveness, reconcile differences.

Time is too short.  Classes to take, languages to learn, places and things to see.

Men or women that you want to ask out but to intimidated to talk to, Why?  Just do it, there is 86,400 seconds in a day do not let the time slip away.   You really have to live life like you are dying.  Do not let fear take that time away from you.   Do what you really want to do.  Take your family on a trip and love the ones that you are with.   People help those that have not and need help and love them.   Give your time and resources to help your fellow man. Remember  to live life like your dying.   What would you do if you had 2 months to live?  I’m going to sing karaoke this Thursday night.   Why not.   I am running out of time,  I will not have second life on this earth like Frankenstein.   Love is what we are born with and fear is what we learn once we are here.   Embrace those around you.  Live, Love and laugh often. Live life like Your dying.

Suck it Up Crybaby

John The Baptist

Obama, America has rejected You!


Suck It up Crybaby’s in Washington; you have had your ill faded Health care program handed to you on a silver platter.  America has rejected your far left agenda to transform this great nation into your socialist regime.  How dare you Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and ring leader Barack Hussein Obama think that you have the right to control our lives as you live like Kings dictating who live and dies.

No one person or three persons can bring this nation to its knees. This is a center right country with conservative values and the backlash has just begun. President Obama Wednesday on George Stephanopoulos show saying the people aren’t mad at the last year or two but the last eight years as if it is George W. Bush that we are angry with. I think if they could Americans would rather have George back in office then the narcissist President that we have now. President Obama just doesn’t get it. When you are mentored and go by the play book from the likes of Saul Lewinsky, Bill Ayers,and Reverend Wright what could we expect? He knows no different way of thinking. This all seems good in his mind. His mentors are the predecessors who killed millions in Europe and Asia in the last century. They preach the gospel of control and hate while smiling at you and saying they want to help you. Playing class warfare. Obama, Reid and Pelosi and their minions are behind closed doors now scheming up new lies and plots to keep health care and cap and trade alive even at the cost of control of the congress. As in past history the Socialist eat their own.  Stalin killed Trotsky and Lenin and Hitler turn on his Brown Shirts. The left will let their party lose control to get their programs through. It is ironic that Teddy Kennedy lived another 12-14 months then the normal patient because he had the best private health care that money could buy. During this time Obama screwed the Nation up enough that when Kennedy’s senate seat was up for grabs the great people in Massachusetts rejected the President’s agenda and voted in a Conservative Scott Brown to the seat that has been held by the Kennedy family for 58 years. Now the beloved health care that Kennedy and Obama fought so hard to pass is now dead on arrival.  Beware America they are not finished, keep your guard up as socialist don’t give up easily or fight fair. Vote out all the bad ones regardless of what affiliation.  And for all those that want to control and do harm to the citizens of this great country,        


John the Baptist.