Obama’s America

Obama’s America

Where is the Hope?

Where are the days when we looked forward to tomorrow with an optimistic outlook? Knowing the next day you could achieve anything you wanted to, working towards the promotion, making the starting lineup, going to Disneyland or starting a new business.   Raising your children knowing with your guidance they would have a better standard of living than you. Buying a dog knowing you would be home from work to take it for a walk and train it properly. I am scared to purchase a dog for the fact that all I do is work to keep my head above water and have no time for anything else.  You could have a long distance relationship hoping that at least twice a month you could both get together, but it doesn’t work or is hard on the both of you when you are both working long hours and two jobs. 401K is cut in half; your employer has reduced your pay by 20% so they can keep their doors open. Gas prices Yo Yo up and down, more up than down.  We have enough oil and coal reserves in this country to last 10 generations but we are not allowed to tap in to it due to the green lobby, leaving us hostage to the Middle East thugs robbing us of our wealth.

There is a weird eerie feeling in the air that all that we know may soon disappear. We call our senators and congressmen to tell them our thoughts with hope that it may change their decisions and as soon as you turn on the news, you feel hopeless after hearing that they voted for the change that you don’t want. Wondering will I have health care in a year from now. I like my health care; I hope they don’t change it. Can I still have a life without regulations and laws telling me what I can drive, eat, buy, smell, watch and hear? Too many lawmakers making laws to control everything I do. Income tax, State tax, property tax, sales tax, gas tax, luxuries tax, capitol gain tax, death tax, live tax, Botox tax, tick tax. Do I have anything left over?  I hope I can pay my ex wife her spousal support. Where did my capitalist country go?  Atheist controlling where and what we can and cannot say about what our founding fathers said this country was founded on, God of the old Testament

So much uncertainty of what new threat to our freedom’s and pocket book will arise every day from the current Administration of Change.

What change did they think we wanted?

849 billion dollar health-care change?

1 Trillion dollar stimulus none job creating change?  New Job’s deal change?

10. % unemployment change?

Double dip recession change?

Phony Science Cap & Trade job killing Change?

Czar’s running the country change?

Mammograms at 50 for women Change?

Disenfranchise European allies change?

President bowing to world leader’s change

Radicals In the cabinet changes?

Prosecute Terrorist’ in Federal court change?


This is not the change America wanted

John the Baptist

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  1. You covered all that’s wrong in WAshington today. We have to vote the whole mob out of office and get good people elected who will undo the massive wrongs Obama & company have enacted behind closed doors and in the dead of night. Thank you so much!

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